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Welcome to Pest Animal Durham! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Durham, NC. If you have a shed or porch that is constantly under attack, we can remove the critter and make the space safe and secure, preventing those animals, usually groundhogs or skunks, from being able to gain re-entry. We can also deal with rodents in the wall cavities, bats and birds in the attic, opossums in the basement, moles in the back yard, and much more besides. We're also pretty handy people to know in an invading snake situation! So, give us a call today to find out what a five-star animal removal service looks like. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed! Call us now at 919-816-2432 for your Durham wildlife control needs.

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Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

Licensed and insured in North Carolina

Durham rat control and rodent removal

Bat control in Durham - removal from attics

Raccoon and skunk removal in Durham

North Carolina Snake control services

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We operate in Wake County, Durham County, and Orange County, and parts of Johnston County. We service the greater Raleigh-Durham area, and the towns of Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Carrboro, Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Mebane, Morrisville, Sanford, Smithfield, Wake Forest, and even Rocky Mount.

Durham Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons may appear as cute and for some time feeding the birds appear as a peaceful activity, but the fact remains static that you simply don't want these birds to become regular visitors in your property as their presence is always associated with different kinds of issues and complications. In addition to being annoying Durham pigeons can also become extremely dangerous because they not only carry diseases, but also inflict serious kind of damage on your property. Therefore, it is always suggested that you should prefer to adopt a careful approach so that minimum damage should be inflicted by North Carolina pigeons in your life.

In case you live in a region where North Carolina pigeons cause great issues and problems, then it is best to move towards only those strategies that are capable of dealing with the problem in a humane way because killing pigeons or bringing harm to them is not the right thing to do. Pigeons are present everywhere and getting rid of all the Durham pigeons at once is simply not possible. In most cases you will have to device a long term plan so that effective solutions for this problem can be witnessed. Start by reducing different kinds of nesting population present in your region and for this property must be inspected first of all for finding nests and removal of eggs as well as nests. Some other important points to mention in this regard are as follow.

Making the area Durham pigeon proof
The most important step is to take all the best possible steps for keeping away pigeons from your property and this can be best done by making your place inhospitable for the birds in the best possible manner. Normally North Carolina pigeons like the idea of making nests at higher places like attics, rafters, awnings and ledges. You should search your property for any possible place that can make everything safe and it should be sealed with the help of screens, plates and fillers. In case you are more worried about open places then tactile repellents can act as the best possible solutions here.

Use wire and mesh wire
All the potential points of entry should be screened with the help of wire mesh that should be rust proof. Many experts suggest different kinds of strategies in this regard, but most commonly it is said that suspending wire that should be thin approximately 2 inches above railing or other different kinds of potential roosts can do the job in an efficient manner as Durham pigeons will be diverted. This will prevent pigeons from resting upon rails. If used properly the method can bring effective and long term results.