What if You are Bitten by a Bat?

Each and every living Durham animal is helpful or hazard in one way or the other. So far as our eco system is concerned, numbers of small living organisms play an important role in its maintenance. Same is the case with the bats. They are helpful to our eco system as they play important role in its maintenance. However, the North Carolina bats may be highly dangerous if they bit any of the useful animals. If you are bitten by bat, you are at high risk of life as the bats bitten have to undergo lots of problems.

Let us have a general look at the diseases caused by biting of a North Carolina bat. Bats may cause several fatal diseases to you. One of the well known diseases caused by biting of a bat is rabies. Bat likes other animals like dogs, raccoons and foxes transmit the disease to which they bite. Rabies is caused by mixing of saliva of any above mentioned animal with the saliva of human. Or if you have a wound, the saliva of the animal may base rabies from there. Rabies disease is almost fatal always. The other fatal disease caused by biting of bat is Histoplasmosis. The disease affects the lungs greatly. In case of untreated, the disease may result in death as failure of different organs. Several bats are known for hemorrhagic fever. The fevers lead to failure of different organs and results in death. Among them, Marburg hemorrhagic fever is highly dangerous and 90% of patients faced death in Africa. Ebola hemorrhagic fever is known as cousin of Marburg fever which is also result of biting of bat. The virus Hendra and Nipah are also cause problem which are transferred by biting of a Durham bat. Both the viruses are responsible for neurological and respiratory disorder in humans. Lyssa viruses are also known viruses caused by bats. The viruses cause rabies disease which is sometimes untreatable.

The above mentioned diseases are highly dangerous for health. Thus special care is to be taken in preventing from bites of Durham bats. Bats have tiny teeth in their mouth. It is hard to find the marks of teeth where they bite. In case a person is unable to tell that whether he is bitten by a bat or not you can guess from the following clues:
• If he finds a bat in room
• If he finds a bat in the room of an unattended child
• If a blind person is near to a bat

In case you find above mentioned clues, you need to take the person for medical treatment. Medical attention is highly recommended in case of North Carolina bat biting.

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